Hazardous Waste

We offer clients an all-encompassing, cost-effective solution for their hazardous waste, in line with all legislative requirements.

Clare Noble Commercial Director

UK Waste 2% of waste produced in the UK is categorised as hazardous

Strategic Position Totus managed 31% of all hazardous waste exported from the UK in 2018/19

Increasing Exports Between 2010 and 2018 export of hazardous waste from the UK increased by 38%

All organisations have a legal obligation to manage waste safely and source responsible treatment methods.

Hazardous waste has varying physical-chemical properties, which are harmful to both the Environment and Human Health.

With an ever increasing focus on enhancing environmental performance and resource efficiency, coupled with ongoing changes in legislation; hazardous waste management is an ongoing challenge for waste producers. Totus is committed to providing clients with a transparent approach; from consultation through to the implementation of sustainable solutions, including a fully compliant transfontier shipment (TFS) service.

128.6 thousand tonnes of spent solvents was generated from the manufacture of chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic products in 2016, equivalent to over fifty full 2500m3 Olympic sized swimming pools

Totus' expert team is highly competent dealing with hazardous materials


Pan-European Expertise

Totus Environmental has strong relationships  with producers and offtakers across Europe.

Our ethos is to rethink historical waste processes, collaborate and deliver sustainable, impactful solutions.

We recognise that identifying appropriate, compliant and cost-effective hazardous waste services can be a time-consuming exercise. We continuously review our offering and will work with partners to suggest operational enhancements to maximise value and efficiencies.

With limited recycling options available for hazardous materials, our qualified team implement the waste hierarchy to ensure all individual waste streams are treated sustainably.

Materials that cannot be recycled, will be recovered either as an alternative fuel source, co-incinerated in cement plants, or used as a secondary raw material. No waste handled by Totus ends up in landfill.

Globally, we produce 400 million tonnes of hazardous waste each year - almost 13 tonnes a second. Hazardous wastes can cause substantial harm to our health and the environment.

Totus works to help clients and businesses responsibly manage their hazardous waste

By partnering with Totus, our clients are reassured that their hazardous waste is being handled by experts. From tailor-made services, to the complete management of the TFS process, we offer a full range of solutions:

  • Full waste assessment and classification
  • Guidance on applicable legislation
  • Fully qualified dangerous good safety advisors (DGSA’s)
  • Management of the TFS notification process
  • Expert support and training
  • Consistent pricing and access to facilities
  • Multi-modal secure logistics
  • Bespoke technical services
  • Full transparency and traceability

Through our continued research into new technologies and innovative hazardous waste solutions, we provide a vital link between waste producers and specialist recycling and recovery plants throughout Europe.

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