Freight Forwarding

As an experienced exporter, Totus provides a full range of pan-European logistics with innovative and flexible solutions, ensuring correct documentation and processes are in place, including TFS .

James Philpott Head of Logistics

Haulage Rates Price-per-mile for haulage has risen by 18% in three years

Rail Haulage In 2019, rail freight transport accounted for 17.6 % of the total EU inland freight transport

Increasing Exports Between 2010 and 2018 export of hazardous waste from the UK increased by 38%

With more pressure on securing reliable transport solutions than ever before, Totus’ logistics service has developed considerably in recent years.

Our economy depends on reliable and efficient logistics providers to move freight from A to B. The current situation post-Brexit and COVID, combined with the overwhelming drive to embrace sustainability, means the sector is facing considerable disruption. However, with disruption comes opportunity. We’re continuously reviewing our services to ensure that we are offering clients the most appropriate, cost-effective options to meet their bespoke needs.

Our range of freight forwarding services includes:

  • Walking floor trailers / curtain siders / box trailers / shipping containers 
  • Bulk Tippers/Tank transports for waste industries 
  • Heavy Lifts and OOG transports
  • Vessel/Bulk/Tank – Dry/Wet Chartering 
  • Multimodal solutions including road, rail and sea options

2.54 million people work in the UK haulage and logistics sector. That's half the population of Sweden!

Totus works with clients to help access reliable hauliers in this highly competitive industry.


Operating across Europe with access to the largest hauliers

Our hauliers undertake a strict compliance audit and all vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems.

Totus provides a full range domestic, pan-European and global transport service, building close relationships with some of Europe’s largest logistics providers.

In addition to our core waste services, Totus is increasingly being approached by clients to provide purely logistics solutions, utilising our shipping volumes and expertise to leverage competitive pricing. As a result, we now handle third party logistics exceeding our own tonnages on TFS movements, providing door-to-door services for clients’ finished goods and products. Our expertise is rapidly being recognised as offering strong, cost-effective support throughout the industry.

At any given time, there are about 20 million shipping containers making their journey across the seas.

Totus helps clients and businesses meet their individual requirements

Uncovering alternative options for transporting materials.

The scale of Totus’ logistic operations and the volume of material we export, ensures we have the buying power to offer customers a high degree of flexibility and highly competitive rates, always working to reduce our carbon footprint by utilising ‘dead leg’ or ‘return freight’ options. We offer our customers:

  • Management of port operations for bulk ships
  • Logistics procurement for third party clients
  • Technical advice for packaging and shipment to international destinations
  • General Freight Services Management

With an in-house team of DGSA’s and hazardous waste department, our logistics offering also incorporates hazardous loads. Our team has experience of safely, compliantly and economically moving all nine classes of hazardous waste.

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