Alternative Fuels

We actively support the move towards low fossil carbon and high biogenic content fuels, working with waste producers to develop new fuel streams.

Andy Jones Managing Director

Biomass Biomass for energy (bioenergy) continues to be the main source of renewable energy in the EU, with a share of around 60%

Cement European manufacturers currently offset around 48% of their traditional fossil fuel use

Waste to Landfill 8.5% (12.6m tonnes) of the UK's local authority waste is still disposed of in landfill (2020)

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels to reduce overall CO2 emissions

Non-recyclable residual waste fractions which would otherwise be incinerated or landfilled can be transformed into alternative fuels and alternative raw materials. These are used in carbon intensive industries such as cement, lime, steel & power plants to replace non-renewable fossil fuels and virgin materials.

Waste materials have different physical and chemical parameters to fossil fuels, such as size, calorific value, ash residue, chlorine and moisture content. Quality, composition, and characteristics are assessed in the same way as primary fuels or raw materials, to ensure its suitability for waste processing and to ensure end-user quality fuel specifications are met.

The world is currently consuming the equivalent of over 11 billion tonnes of oil from fossil fuels every year

Totus works to with clients to help provide fuel alternatives as a move towards greener credentials.


Pan-European Expertise

Totus Environmental has strong relationships  with producers and offtakers across Europe.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

The vast experience within our team, product knowledge and our Pan-European market presence, ensures that our services are fully aligned to the current and future needs of the market. Our in-house logistics team can arrange loose or baled material collection and deliveries, including trailer, walking floor, rail, sea containers or bulk vessel.

As an active member of the RDF Industry Group, Totus is working to drive the market forward. The energy recovery sector is constantly evolving and striving to improve its environmental performance and we are committed to supporting this market development through our ever increasing alternative fuels portfolio. We actively support the movement towards low fossil carbon and high biogenic content fuels, and we work closely with waste producers to develop new fuel streams.

142 million tonnes of residual treatment capacity will be required in Europe by 2035

As part of the RDF Industry Group, Totus is working to ensure we will have the capacity required.

Alternative fuels available in the market today comprise hazardous and non-hazardous alternatives to suit individual applications, including:

  • Refuse Derived Fuels
  • Solid Recovered Fuels
  • Wood and biomass fuels and biomass rich liquids
  • Liquid alternative fuels including solvents, oils, emulsions and low-flash waters
  • Oil and paint sludges
  • Lump fuels including filter cakes and whole tyres
  • Coarse solids such as tyre derived fuel and shredded textiles, papers and plastics
  • Impregnated sawdust, animal meal, dried sewage sludge and polyurethane

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